Radio communication for ESP8266 and ESP32 with ESPNOW

ESP-NOW is a "new" radio communications protocol supported by the ESP8266 and ESP32, developed by Espressif, its manufacturer, which allows very fast data transmissions (and when I say very fast, I mean very fast). Its main objective is to replace Wifi to allow much lower power consumption and thus greater autonomy ... Read more

Experiments with ESPEasy (ESP8266) and low power - v1.0

Do you want to reduce the power consumption of your project with ESPEasy and an ESP8266 easily so that you can run it on batteries for months? Read on. In this series of articles, of which this is the first one, I will be telling you about the progress I am making and how you can also make them and apply them in your project.... Read more

Measuring gas consumption with Arduino

Those who are regulars of the blog, already know that I like to measure everything, and gas could not be less. I have been measuring gas consumption for years with Arduino, but the important thing is not that, the important thing is that this Arduino has been sending data wirelessly for almost six years with only two AA batteries, and ... Read more