Gallery: Users' CO2 Easy meters

There are many users, at all levelswho have built the eMariete CO2 meter, CO2 Easy.

Some have created a simple and temporary assemblyon the air, with no other pretension than that of to obtain reliable CO₂ measurements in a cheap and simple way.others have created more "definitive", some very original and some have made assemblies of a near-professional level.

On this page you can see some of these montages. I will be adding new montages, as users send me their pictures (send me yours!).

If you want your assembly to appear, send me some picturesand, if you want, accompany it with some of the following brief description through the Telegram group. The only requirement is that it be based on the project of this blog, however many modifications it may have.

User assemblies


The user Danimod presents his project. An assembly that I would say has an almost professional look.


In this case you can see some of the meters that he has built, with Senseair S8 sensorCongratulations on this much-needed initiative!

Joselu70 has also created this design with two OLED screensto be able to display more information at the same time.

And, to put the icing on the cake, he has built this beautiful touchscreen meter for which he has designed and 3D printed the customised case (you can see how to build this Nextion touchscreen meter here).

IES Aguilar y Eslava de Cabra (Córdoba).

Their own 2nd, 3rd and 4th year ESO pupils have built this army of CO2 meters. They have even designed and 3D printed the box themselves.

A great initiative - congratulations! 👏👏👏


Ernesto is very prolific and has made many montages. Here you can see some of them.

Let's start with his latest creation, "the jewel in the crown": a christmas tree like you've never seen before.

This CO2 meter with particulate matter sensor was the basis of the previous project.

Ernesto has also built this compact, battery-powered version of the meter to be used as a wearable and use it anytime, anywhere (by the way, don't miss his wearable CO2 meter PeluCO2The culmination of this montage).


Aromeo has built this CO2 meter with touch screen Nextion and the beauty from "CO2 traffic light cloud". which you can see behind and of which I also leave you some photos of its interior below.


Who said you have to complicate your life?

Zaguero has realised a project that, for me in particular, I love it - original and fun!

José Miguel

José Miguel has built this version of the CO2 meter with a rechargeable battery. Using simple materials he has been able to a very clean and elegant set-up. I love that "techie" style with the interior on view.

José Miguel has built the project using Wemos D1 Mini boards for prototypes, which have given him a very clean appearance when assembledeven if it is provisional.

This is the final result, starting from the previous prototype, in which, using this box from AliExpresswhich is perfect for this type of project, with ventilation openings, has achieved a tremendously professional look.

He has used the thermostat wires from an old boiler that he had, so it has been a very clean assembly, with no wires in sight.

Angel Polo

Angel has built this version of the CO2 meter with his own box design, which has turned out very, very well, in my opinion. I like the colour traffic light of CO2 concentration using the translucent white of the box.

Master Juanillo

The user Maestro Juanillo has built the project using the 3D printed box "officer".


The user Xex has created an assembly, with a wooden box designed by himself that, to be honest, I'm in love with. I think it's a work of art - congratulations, Xex!

In addition, has included a particle detector Sharp GP2 Y10 (fully supported by our CO2 Meter) to know, even better, the quality of the air you breathe.

Carlos Botana

Our friend Carlos Botana has sent us, through the Telegram group, his original montage "...".taking advantage of a slide box (from when PowerPoint didn't exist). 😅)"as he puts it.

A very nice "maker" compact assembly.


You don't always have to spend hours and hours on the box. User Neo1258 sends us his assembly, simple and fully functional.

User-assembled CO2 meters - there's something for everyone!

Michael 3D

Miguel 3D has designed a very curious box. It's a really nice and original design (I don't know why reminds me a bit of R2D2).


The user Luis, has surprised us a lot with a box (oops! Did I say box?) that I love it. It is clear that there are no limits to user creativity... and the results are astonishing.

KunKun 3D

The design of KunKun 3D is simple and compact. Little space is needed on the table.


An interesting 3D printed model with a type of plastic that gives it a very special look.

In the following video you can see the AdAstra box in more detail and printed with other filament colours.

Carlos M

Very interesting variation of the box. thanks a lot Carlos for naming the blog! ❤

Juan Luis

One version? No, better two or more! Juan Luis has created several versions of the meter with his own custom box designs. Here are two of them.


Mario sends us a picture of his meter with his own version of the box,


Our friend Pablo sends us this picture of his home-made meter together with an Aranet4.


The user Yudzu sends us a video with his very interesting meter, in which he achieves a very compact air mount.

Photographs of hundreds or thousands of built meters are missing. Have you already built the meter? Send me a photo!

You haven't built your meter yet, what are you waiting for?

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