Geiger Counter (Radioactivity Meter)

Homemade Geiger Counter Radioactivity

Contents1 How can I measure radioactivity?1.1 Making a Geiger counter from scratch?2 Building a Geiger counter kit?3 Assembling the Geiger counter4 The STS-55 Beta and Gamma radiation detection tube 3D printed box6 Sending radioactivity data to the internet7 Want to have your own Geiger-Müller counter?7.1 Geiger counters in kit form7.2 Geiger counters ... Read more

Measuring gas consumption with Arduino

Those who are regulars of the blog, already know that I like to measure everything, and gas could not be less. I have been measuring gas consumption for years with Arduino, but the important thing is not that, the important thing is that this Arduino has been sending data wirelessly for almost six years with only two AA batteries, and ... Read more

How to control Milight from Rflink

Recently a new need has arisen for me: how to control Milight devices via Rflink in order to integrate them into my home automation system and, in this way, be able to automate them, create macros and routines, control them from my mobile phone, from Google Assistant (Google Home), etc. The truth is that my house looks like a fair of the ... Read more