Geiger Counter (Radioactivity Meter)

Homemade Geiger Counter Radioactivity

How can I measure radioactivity? As part of my penchant for measuring and monitoring everything, I have been thinking for some time about adding a Beta and Gamma emission detector (what we usually call a radiation meter), a Geiger-Muller counter or Geiger meter, to my list of sensors. When the Chernobyl incident occurred in the Soviet Union (more specifically, in today's Soviet Union), I was thinking of adding a Geiger-Muller counter or Geiger meter to my list of ... Read more

How to control Milight from Rflink

Recently a new need has arisen for me: how to control Milight devices via Rflink in order to integrate them into my home automation system and, in this way, be able to automate them, create macros and routines, control them from my mobile phone, from Google Assistant (Google Home), etc. The truth is that my house looks like a fair of the ... Read more