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Vulnerability in Meteotemplate and how it affects SEO

  Vulnerability in Meteotemplate What is Meteotemplate? Meteotemplate is a software package, or template, that hundreds of weather stations ...
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Connection Partom VTX to Arduino

VTX FPV video transmitter control with Arduino

Do you want to control a VTX video transmitter with an Arduino? Here I explain how to do it ...
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Home automation

10 Tips to install home automation at home

Do you want to install home automation at home but don't know where to start? Here are 10 tips to install home automation in ...
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Homemade CNC with Arduino Root 3

Homemade CNC with Arduino II - Mechanics

Mechanical assembly of the CNC milling machine with Arduino. An easy and cheap machine to build and with many possibilities. It allows ...
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CNC Root 3

3D printed homemade CNC with Arduino

Introduction and overview of assembling homemade CNC milling machine with Arduino. A cheap and easy to build machine ...
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Pitlab Antenna Tracker

Pitlab FPV tracker antenna mount (antenna tracking)

Pitlab antenna tracker mount. A must for long distance FPV flights (real long distance) ...
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Pitlab Autopilot Parody

First steps of the Pitlab autopilot

The Pitlab autopilot is one of the most used in Spain by those who practice Long Range FPV, of ...
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Pitlab-autopilot-osd-fpv-model aircraft

PITLAB, powerful autopilot and OSD for FPV model airplanes

First contact with Pitlab, a powerful autopilot and OSD for FPV model aircraft with ILS, auto-landing and auto-take-off, etc ...
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Raspberry Pi 3

Home automation and Raspberry PI

Why is the Raspberry Pi so useful for smart home automation? Let's see ...
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Smart home controller

The home automation system of my house (the controller or brain of the house)

Do you want to know the elements that make my house really "smart"? What makes a home smart doesn't ...
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About Mariete's Blog:

In this blog you will find useful and fun information about the things that I'm passionate about, and that, I imagine, that you too. My motto is "Not a day without cluttering" and I try to fulfill it. Maybe not every day I start to solder an electronic project, or to program, but I do look for information and spend time learning, while I think about what can i do next.

Projects with Arduino Boards

From how to start with IDE download and installation, going by how to program an Arduino, until pinout (what is each pin or "leg" for) going through what it is (what not who 🤭).

You will find articles about the differences between an Arduino Uno and an Arduino Nano and when to use each board or tutorial on how to write Arduino programs, called Sketches. Of course, everything in Spanish (although there is an automatic translation into English).

I write articles periodically, so it is very important that you subscribe to receive the news. Do it now, in the form on the right, before you forget!

RC (Radio Control) model aircraft

I love the radio controlled model aircraft. I have been practicing it for more years than you would think and I have flown planes, drones and helicopters, both electric and Glow or gasoline (that is, explosion engine). I love the FPVespecially if it is Long range, or Great Reach, and, above all, the clutter.

Be sure to subscribe in the form on the right, because I have material to write a lot of very interesting articles and I plan to write them little by little.

3d printers

I am a big fan of 3D printers. I find it an incredible technology and a transversal hobby because it helps me in the rest of my hobbies.

I started in 2014, with a PS3 Steel I built ordering parts from around the world, I still have this printer, and for a couple of years I have a Creality CR-10S And the truth is that I am delighted with it, although I have made quite a few modifications. I have to say that for some things I still use the PS3 Steel because I have it "very fine" and it gives me better quality (according to what things, as I say).

The first thing I did was install a silicone hot bed 750 watts at 220V, the following add auto leveling of the heated bed with BL Touch, then replace the controller with one of 32 bit. I will write articles about these things because of many of them I took photos and even recorded some video.

Homemade CNC Machine (Numerical Control Milling Machine)

3D printers gave me a lot of satisfaction and whetted my appetite to build more things, and it was inevitable… the next thing was Build a Homemade CNC Milling Machine with Arduino (also called control milling machine numerical). Do not miss the articles that I have written about it (and that I keep writing) because it is an incredible machine for working wood, aluminum, plastics, making printed circuit boards and much more.

Laser engraving machines

And, yes, again one thing led to another. I started with add a diode laser to the CNC milling machine but right away I built myself a CNC Laser dedicated with aluminum profiles and soon after I bought a CO2 laser engraver really, that has allowed me to do a lot of things. Of course I have done so many modifications The CO2 laser engraver is little like the one I bought.


There are many other things in the world of electronics that I do, from designs, modifications, repairs, radio frequency, etc.. I will write about it.

Where do I begin?

As you see i have many pending things to write about and I have to prioritize. I need help deciding what to write first. Share my Facebook page by clicking on the icon below and then tell me on my facebook page What do you want me to write. 

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