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In this Blog you will find useful and fun information about the things I'm passionate about, and which, I imagine (since you're here), you are too. My motto is "not a day without tinkering". and I try to stick to it. It may not be every day that I set out to solder an electronic project, or to program, but rare is the day that I don't search for information and spend some time learning, while I think about what can i do next.

CO2 Gadget Low Power CO2 monitor with Lilygo TTGO T5 ePaper and Sensirion SCD41 Sensor

A low-power CO2 meter with a 90-day autonomy on a single charge? Not bad, not bad at all...

Generating variable voltage with Arduino, ESP8266 and ESP32

Let's see how we can generate a variable voltage with Arduino, ESP8266 and ESP32 using different techniques ...

Electronic charging with MOSFET, easy

We are going to build a constant current variable electronic load, easy and with few components, to do experiments ...

eMariete PWM Mini Hat for Raspberry Pi

Build a small Hat for Raspberry Pi to easily connect a fan, LEDs, a motor or whatever you want! ...

Tutorial: Temperature-controlled variable speed fan for Raspberry Pi

Do you, like me, want to reduce (or even eliminate) the annoying noise of the Raspberry Pi 4 fan? If so, here is the ultimate solution. Easy and cheap ...

PWM driver with MOSFET transistor

Learn how to build, and how it works, a PWM driver with a MOSFET transistor! ...

How to use a MOSFET as a switch?

Learn how to use a MOSFET as a switch and go to the next level! ...

PWM driver with BJT transistor

I will explain how to build, and how it works, a PWM controller or driver with a "normal" bipolar transistor, one of those of all life ...

How to repair your switching power supply

Do you need to repair your switching power supply? Here's how you can repair a malfunctioning power supply yourself ...

Loto Instruments OSC482 USB Oscilloscope

The Loto Instruments OSC482 oscilloscope is one of the most frequently used measuring instruments in my laboratory. I am delighted with it and it has become an indispensable ...

CO2 meters with Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, etc.

CO2 measurement has become very important to me and to the users of the blog.

Here you will find lots of useful informationif you want to build a CO2 meter.

Tutorials for building CO meters, CO2 sensor comparisons, sensor analysis, unboxings of commercial CO2 meters, schematics, options, etc.

Projects with ESP8266, ESP32 and Arduino boards

From how to start with the Arduino IDE download and installationthrough how to program an Arduinoto its pinout (what each pin or "leg" is for).

You will find articles on the differences between an Arduino Uno and an Arduino Nano and when to use each board or tutorials on how to write Arduino programs, called Sketches. Of course, all in English (although there is an automatic translation into English).

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RC Model Aircraft (Radio Control)

I love the radio-controlled aeromodelling. I've been practising it for more years than you'd think and I have flown planes, drones and helicoptersboth electric and glow or petrol (i.e., electric, glow or petrol), explosion engine). I love the FPVespecially if it is Long Range (Great Reach), and above all, caching.

Don't stop subscribing, because I have material to write a lot of very interesting articles and I plan to write them little by little.

3D printers

I am a big fan of 3D printers. I find it an amazing technology and a cross-cutting hobby because it helps me in all my other hobbies.

I started in 2014, with a PS3 Steel which I built by ordering parts from half the world, I still have this printer, and for a few years now I have had a Creality CR-10S and the truth is that I am delighted with it, although I have made quite a few modifications. I have to say that for some things I still use the PS3 Steel because I have it "very fine" and it gives me better quality (in certain things, as I say).

The first thing I did was to install a silicone hot bed 750 watts at 220VThe following add self-levelling of the warm bed with BL Touchthen replace the controller with one of 32-bit. I will be writing articles about these things because I took photos and even recorded a video of many of them.

Homemade CNC Machine (Numerical Control Milling Machine)

3D printers gave me a lot of satisfaction and whetted my appetite to build more things, and it was inevitable... the following was build a homemade CNC milling machine with Arduino (also called control milling machine numeric). Don't miss the articles I've written about it (and continue to write) because it's an amazing machine for woodworking, aluminium, plastics, making printed circuit boards and much more.

Laser engraving machines

And, yes, again one thing led to another. I started by adding a diode laser to the CNC milling machine but I quickly built myself a CNC Laser with aluminium profiles and shortly afterwards I bought a laser engraver. of CO2 It has really allowed me to do a lot of things. Of course I have done so many modifications The CO2 laser engraver already bears little resemblance to the one I bought.


There are many other things in the world of electronics that I do, from designs, modifications, repairs, radio frequency, etc.. I will write about it.