Ionizing radiation in Madrid in real time

Real time radioactivity in Madrid

Interactive charts allow you to filter data, select dates, zoom, and more. They are an extraordinary tool for analyzing the data generated by the Geiger counter, with the average of the measurements taken, each minute, during the last 24 hours.

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Keep in mindRapid increases in measurements are not a sign of danger, per se, and should not be a cause for alarm.

Historical Beta and Gamma Radiation in Madrid

Below, you can see several graphs with the data collected by my Geiger counter in different periods.

Radiation in Madrid in the last 24 hours

In this graph you can see the unique measurements without any filter or remove peaks or smooth them.

The following graph shows the measurements with a moving average of 64 samples (re averages every 64 samples to smooth and eliminate peaks).

Radiation in Madrid in the last month 

A 256-sample moving average is applied.

Radiation in Madrid in the last year

A moving average of 1024 samples is applied.

Why measure Beta and Gamma radiation?

There are few public sources of radiation data so it seems interesting to have this information.

Given how dangerous it can be to health and "obscurantism»That usually exists on this information. Can you trust the official sources?

Recently (April 2020) a forest fire in the area near Chernobyl has set off alarms by multiplying the usual radiation levels in the area by 16, dispersing a radioactive cloud over much of Europe (it seems that nothing serious, fortunately) .

In the following image you can see how the radiation even reached eastern Spain.

It particularly reassures me to see a graph like the one you can see below, with data on radioactivity in Madrid, collected by my own means at that time, which I know has not been manipulated.

In it, it can be seen how the radiation data during the fire, and in the following days, were at the same levels of the fire prices days: 

Chernobyl fire radioactivity data