CO2 Gadget Boxes, 3D Printed and without 3D printer

A 3d printed box is the perfect complement to the meter CO2 Gadget although, as you will see, this is not the only possible solution and there are also boxes that are easy to make, even if you don't have a 3D printer..

You have the "official" eMariete boxes and the user-created boxes, so the choice is huge.

Depending on the intended use of the meter, the display, the sensor or the battery you can choose the perfect case, which will give your set up a near-professional level.

Here you will find some samples that you can print directly, with the necessary files to do so, or that you can use as a inspiration or give you ideas for your assembly. Some of them you can even modify them easily from the browser.

JOIN US: If you want your box to appear here, send me the link and some pictures and, if you want, accompany it with some of the following brief description. You can do this through the Telegram group. The only requirement is that it is intended for the CO2 Gadget project of this blog, no matter how many modifications it has.

Official" eMariete boxes

These boxes have been created as a starting point to accommodate most projects and are easily modifiable, should you wish to adapt them to your own needs.

eMariete compact sandwich box

This box is designed with the idea of building a small and compact CO2 Gadget meter that you can take anywhere, with the possibility of battery power.

The components used are: A TTGO T-Display Board with TFT colour display and a Sensirion SCD30 Sensor.

You can download the files for print the compact sandwich box on Thingiverse.

The box has been designed in Autodesk Tinkercad which makes it very easy to modify so that you can adapt it to your tastes and needs. You can find the compact sandwich box in Tinkercad, if you want it modify.

Please note that this box is a very compact design and that, due to the heat generated The temperature and humidity data will be wrong due to the electronic components (although you can partially solve this by adjusting the temperature offset in the CO2 Gadget settings).

You have a complete tutorial for the assembly of this sandwich version:

eMariete TTGO T-Display 18650 eMariete TTGO T-Display 18650 Box

This box, slightly larger than the previous one (although still compact) is designed to use an 18650 type battery, which gives CO2 Gadget more autonomy, as well as being economical and easy to obtain.

It also uses a TTGO T-Display Board with TFT colour display and a Sensirion SCD30 Sensor (in sandwich or normal mode) but, as it is a larger box, you have space to install other sensors.

You have already available the version of the box to install SCD30, SCD40 and SCD41 sensors, soon you will have a second version (the back cover, the front is the same) designed to install MH-Z19, Senseair S8 and Cubic CM1106 sensors.

You have the eMariete TTGO T-Display box for 18650 in Tinkercadif you want it modify.

You can download the eMariete TTGO T-Display box for 18650 at Thingiverseif you want it print.

I am recording a tutorial with this box. As soon as it is finished you will find it here with better pictures.

If you modify it, I'd appreciate it if you could share your version so that other users can benefit from it if they find it useful. Thanks for sharing!

User designs and adaptations for 3D printers

Janek's box for TTGO T-Display, MH-Z19B and 18650

User Janek has created one of my favourite boxes.

With a very clever design, in the form of a slanted console, he has achieved a design for 18650 battery and CO2 sensor MH-Z19B (possibly also valid for Senseair S8 and Cubic CM1106) that is still very compact despite the large battery.

By the way, if you try it with the Senseair S8 and Cubic CM1106 sensors, let us know how it went in the comments at the bottom of the page.

You have the Janek's box hereif you want it print.

Ernesto "Cute Cloud" box for TTGO T-Display

Ernesto, @erguro1973, is a regular contributor to and a very prolific creator. His "Cute Cloud" box is an inspiration, capable of integrating into the most unexpected environments.

You can download the Cute Cloud" box for CO2 Gadget on Thingiverseif you want it print.

Carlos M Box for TTGO T-Display and SCD30

Carlos provides them with an adaptation of the official extended box in order to be able to use a 18650 battery.

You can download and modify Carlos M's box from Tinkercadvery easily.

Joe Box for TTGO T-Display, SCD30 or SCD41

Our friend Joe brings us two very interesting designs.

First of all, the adaptation of the box to be able to build the meter with 18650 batteries. A bigger box, with more space.

Secondly, a variation of Sparkfun's SCD40 or SCD41 sensor box (click on each image to enlarge).

You have available the Joe's box in Tinkercadif you want it edit to suit your needs.

You have available the Joe's box on Thingiverseif you want it print.

CanAirIO box for TTGO T-Display. Multiple sensors

The CanAirIO buddy box is fully compatible with CO2 Gadget. It is a large box with space for several sensors, including a particulate matter sensor (soon to be supported by CO2 Gadget).

You can download the CanAirIO box from Thingiverseif you want it print.

User boxes without 3D printer

Polypropylene box Sergio C

You don't have a 3D printer, who cares!

With cheap and simple materials that don't require any tools, Sergio shows us how to make a very interesting box.

With materials such as polypropylene sheeting, the kind you buy in the Chinese for handicrafts, and a bit of manual skill, you can create a box in no time at all.

If you want to build a box like this, you have here a complete step by step tutorial:

CO2 Gadget Gallery

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