Would you like to advertise on our blog?

You have the possibility of advertising or sponsorship so that the name of your company or your products reach our users.


Graphic banners of different sizes.

You can display your company logo or product image on the blog:

  • Logo sizedepending on your needs.
  • Locationaccording to the size of the banner.
  • Appearance on any page and in any category.

Sponsored articles.


You can order a sponsored article for us to talk about your company or product. Please note that paying for a sponsored article does not guarantee that we will necessarily speak well of your company or product. It will always be the opinion of the editor of the article, without misleading the reader or end user.


A sponsored review allows you to have your product featured on the blog in as much detail as possible. Logically, the products must be related to the theme of the blog. Depending on the product, you may not have to pay anything for the article (only the contribution of the product itself).


Text links

We can place a text link to your own website. This text link can appear on the whole website or on specific sites.


If you would like to reach any other type of collaboration agreement, please contact us and we will be happy to study your proposal.


For a first contact, we suggest you to use our Telegram group. Then we will continue the conversation privately.