Gallery: Users' CO2 Gadgets

The meter CO2 Gadget is very attractive and flexibleThere is no doubt about it, and users find many ways of adapt it to your tastes and preferences. Here are a few...

Some have created a simple and temporary assemblyon the air, with no other pretension than that of to obtain reliable CO₂ measurements in a cheap and simple way.others have created more "definitive", some very original and some have made assemblies of a near-professional level.

Here are some samples that you may find useful inspiration or that they can give you ideas for your assembly.

If you want your assembly to appear, send me some picturesand, if you want, accompany it with some of the following brief description through the Telegram group. The only requirement is that it is based on the CO2 Gadget project of this blog, however many modifications it may have.

User meters

Carlos M

Carlos M has adapted the "official" box, creating a larger base in which to include an 18650 battery. Capacity and autonomy in abundance for little money!

Thank you very much, Carlos, for the detail!

Sergio C

You don't have a 3D printer, who cares!

With cheap and simple materials that don't require any tools, Sergio shows us how to make a very interesting box.

With materials such as polypropylene sheeting, the kind you buy in the Chinese for handicrafts, and a bit of manual skill, you can create a box in no time at all.

If you want to build a box like this, you have here a complete step by step tutorial:


Our friend Joe brings us two very interesting designs.

First of all, the adaptation of the box to be able to build the meter with 18650 batteries. A bigger box, with more space.

Secondly, a cylindrical case with a very interesting design.


Akira, from... I don't know, but somewhere where French is spoken, has built his meter using the "official" box design.


Hpsaturn has used the CanAirIO project box to install CO2 Gadget. In fact, what he has actually done is to use a CanAirIO and load the CO2 Gadget firmware, as it is 100% compatible with it).

User assemblies (assorted)

This time, I bring you to the gallery not only pictures of finished gauges, but also of some assemblies of various types, with different boards, sensors, prototypes, crazy ideas, etc.

CO2 Easy Gallery

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Have you already built your own CO2 Gadget? Send me a photo!

You haven't built your meter yet, what are you waiting for?

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