PITLAB, powerful autopilot and OSD for FPV model airplanes

Is Pitlab the best OSD autopilot for FPV?

Over the years I have used many autopilot and OSD systems. Some more powerful, some cheaper, some more reliable or easier to use.

All of them had something, but when we talk about a system for Long Range FPV (or Long Range)In my opinion, Pitlab wins by a landslide.

And why do I say it wins by a landslide?

Because when it comes to real long-range FPV, price is no longer the main obstacle (although Pitlab has a good price), and there are a number of features that become the main obstacle. indispensable.

These are some of the characteristics why I think Pitlab is the best autopilot for Long Range:

  1. Your ILS (Instrumental Landing System) on the screen
  2. Automatic landing function on the selected runway
  3. Auto-peel
  4. 10 routes with 127 segments each (Waypoints)
  5. "Mountain mode" to avoid high obstacles
  6. Wind assistant
  7. Thermal Assistant
  8. A variety of special RTH (Return To Home) options for when all else fails.

Pitlab video analysis 

Some time ago I prepared a video with a unboxing of Pitlab. Although it is a short video, which only includes the main functionalities, I think it is interesting to quickly get an idea of what it is capable of.

As a bonus, the video not only includes the autopilot, but also the Ground Stationwhich allows the aircraft to be tracked in real time from the ground.

I can assure you that many of the flights I have done, I would not have done without the Pitlab. It has always given me a lot of peace of mind and has helped me out of the fire several times.

In my Youtube channel you can see some additional videos about this fantastic autopilot.

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