Meteorological Station in Madrid - Spain

Notes on deficiencies of the weather station

Notes: This poor weather station is already a bit old and has the following ailments:

  • It is a station powered by solar energy, but the panel is already quite old and the backup battery does not give enough energy, so it is normal that after a period of little solar radiation (especially in winter, at night) the station stops of collecting data.
  • The anemometer is a bit ailing (probably the bearings or it is unbalanced) so the wind measurements are usually lower than the real ones.
  • The rain gauge must be a bit dirty, so the precipitation measurements are usually low.

Notes on the bad location of the weather station

In addition to all the above, the place of installation since around 2010, when I changed my home, is not ideal.

It is installed quite close to the ground (about four meters), in a kind of "corridor" about six meters wide, with two buildings on two of the sides. Bad enough for the anemometer.

Why do I have this weather station connected, then?

Well, I wonder that sometimes!

The answer is that I have it connected, mainly, because Since it's there, do something!

It is also true that knowing its limitations, it does not harm anyone and some of its instruments continue to be fully operational. Surely there are those who can use these measures!

Of course, it would never have occurred to me to buy a weather station to put it where it is now, but it must be taken into account that, for several years (about ten years approximately) it was in a privileged place, installed in a turret about nine meters from height above the roof of a seventh floor, in a fairly central area of Madrid, completely clear of taller buildings around.

What I have done, for some time, is not send the data automatically, as I did before (to Weather Underground and sites like that), so as not to put wrong data in the system, which will then be consolidated.