Gallery: User CO₂ Meters

Last modified on February 27, 2021

There are many users, of all levels, who have built the EMariete CO2 meter.

Some have created a simple and temporary assembly, on the air, with no other pretense than that of obtain reliable CO₂ measurements cheaply and easily, others have created more «definitive«, some very original and some have made montages of a practically professional level.

On this page you will see some of those montages. I will be adding new montages, as users send me their photos (Send me yours!).

If you want your montage to appear, send me some pictures, and if you want, accompany it with some short description through the Telegram group. The only requirement is that it be based on the project of this blog, no matter how many modifications it may have.

User mounts


Danimod user presents his project to us. A montage that I would say has a practically professional look.


Ernesto has made several montages. Here you can see two of them.

Ernesto has also built this compact, battery-powered version of the meter to use as a wareable and use it Anytime, anywhere.


Who said you have to complicate your life?

Zaguero has carried out a project that, to me particularly, I'm lovin 'it. Original and fun!

Master Juanillo

The user Maestro Juanillo has built the project using the 3D printed box «official«.

Jose Miguel

José Miguel has built the project using Wemos D1 Mini plates for prototypes, which have given it a very clean appearance when mounting, even if it is provisional. The next version will be made with the same plate, but trip, we'll be waiting for it.

José Miguel has also built this other meter, on the air, although fully functional.


The user Xex has created a montage, with a wooden box designed by himself who, sincerely, has me in love. It seems like a work of art to me. Congratulations, Xex!

What's more, has included a particle detector Sharp GP2 Y10 (fully supported by our CO2 Meter) to get to know, even better, the quality of the air you breathe.

Carlos Botana

The friend Carlos Botana has sent us, through the Telegram group, his original montage «taking advantage of a slide box (from when PowerPoint did not exist 😅)«, As he himself says.

A very nice "maker" montage.


You don't always have to spend hours and hours at the checkout. The user Neo1258 sends us his assembly, simple and fully functional.

User-assembled CO2 meters. There is something for everyone!

Miguel 3D

Miguel 3D has designed a most curious box. It really is a nice and original design (I don't know why reminds me a bit of R2D2).


The user Luis, has surprised us a lot with a box (oops! Did I say box?) That I'm lovin 'it. It is seen that user creativity has no limits… And the results are amazing.

Haven't built your meter yet? What are you waiting for?

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