Color touch screen for CO medidor meter Wow!

No doubt, things enter through the eyes and a color touch screen for our homemade CO2 meter take the project to another level. Who can resist a nice, full-color touchscreen that's more than fair size?

We already have a quality CO₂ meter, with lots of functionality and expandability, at a low price. Now it's time to give a touch of luxury. Something we can do without, but, What milk!, let's give ourselves a whim to be proud and have something that, by showing it to our friends and family and saying that "I did it," causes the Wow!

Here we have the creature in question, in one of its first versions (don't worry, it will improve over time and become more beautiful):

Its installation could not be easier ... just connect four cables, load the file that I am going to provide below on the screen's MicroSD card, and update and configure the meter.

The secret is in the choice of the screen: A Nextion smart display.

This screen is very special (and I recommend it to use it in any other project you have where you need a screen).

What makes this screen different from the others is that it is not a simple screen, but has integrated all the user interface, such as graphics, buttons, etc. and has its own microprocessor to manage all that, and we only have to tell it what data we want it to «paint» in a certain place or wait for the screen to tell us «I have been clicked in that place».

The big advantage is that you can design your own user interface with simple tools (I have done it with PowerPoint) without needing to have great technical knowledge.

I will have a "presentable" version shortly that you can download from here with all the instructions, so you can incorporate it into your EMariete Homemade CO2 Meter.

While I finish it If you want to buy it, I recommend doing it in this AliExpress link, which is exactly the same screen that I am using (so you will make sure you don't have problems):

If you buy it elsewhere beware because there is an identical version, but in Chinese What next You can only use it with the Chinese editor (If you know Chinese you can ignore this comment 😉).

You already know that this article is an extension of the "eMariete Home CO2 Meter". If you haven't read it, start here:

Meanwhile, I continue with the screen, design, integration, etc. You will have it here soon.

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